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Welcome to my new blog „Digital Business Management“

  • The 3 main potentials of digitalization

    31. Dezember 2019 von

    As digitalization continues to develop, it is important to address this issue. The digital transformation holds many risks, but also has the potential to change something in the world. Today’s blog will show you the possibilities, which will effect your company in a positive way. Read on to learn why it is very important to… Weiterlesen

  • 3 easy steps to your paperless office

    31. Dezember 2019 von

    If you are willing to spend a lot of money to make a good investment in your digital transformation and to recruit a digital business manager, then it’s self-evident to start a paperless office. A paperless office means that everything is saved in your database and every employee is able to open the file whenever… Weiterlesen

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